Simona Revelli - psychoanalyst based in London SW2
Simona Revelli - psychoanalyst based in London SW2 - Therapeutic, educational and support services

Midway along the journey through our lives
I found myself in a densely dark forest
‘Cause lost I had the straightforward path.
Ah so hard is to say what was
This tough and powerful and wild wilderness
That thought of it rekindles my fear!
Such is its bitterness that death is little more;
Yet to deal with the good which there I also found
I shall speak of other things I saw in it.

Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Do you experience unpleasant symptoms?
Is a painful recent or past event still affecting your life?
Do you suffer in ways that you do not understand?
Do you find yourself acting in ways that seem contrary to your beliefs?
Do you find yourself living through the same unsatisfactory experiences time and again?

I am a practicing psychoanalyst. I offer a private and confidential space, in which you may speak freely about your experiences, thoughts, worries, dilemmas, suffering and dreams. I am an attentive listener, who can pay careful attention to you and what you present.

To a large extent, the work would be done by you. The starting point could be your enquiry. After that, your motivation and willingness to engage with the work would be fundamental to its development and outcome. What I could offer is an opportunity for you to explore and question your life, beliefs and expectations, to express something that you have not expressed before, and, perhaps, also to realise something that you have never realised before.

The therapeutic process often leads to new ways of experiencing oneself, others and the world, to increased creativity, more enjoyable experiences and a reduction of suffering. Nevertheless, change often occurs in unpredictable ways and it is impossible to know in advance what may happen.

To learn more about me and my work, please see the pages at ‘General information’. You could also call me or send an enquiry. All enquiries are free of charge.


Simona Revelli - psychoanalyst based in London SW2 - Therapeutic, educational and support services